Ground Floor West, 190 Flinders Street

Adelaide SA 5000

Ground Floor West, 190 Flinders Street

Adelaide SA 5000

About Us

Eyre Advisory Services was established by members of the Flinders Power executive team after recognising a gap in the Australian market for a specialist advisory consultancy for closure planning and delivery, as well as operational future-proofing for any stage of the business life-cycle.

Our team managed the closure a $250M business with more than 500 staff comprising the former Port Augusta Power Stations, Leigh Creek Coal Mine, Railway and Leigh Creek township.

Operating in the most volatile electricity market in the western world, we safely managed the closure of all assets in a controlled, compliant and staged approach, enabling us to adapt to challenges and mitigate risks throughout the project. Recognised as the demolition and rehabilitationprogram in Australian history, the job was successfully delivered on schedule and on budget.

With more than 150 years’ combined experience in the power generation, mining, railway, town services, manufacturing and utilities industries, our diverse group of senior managers offer unique business management skills underpinned by operational hands-on experience.

We understand that every project is different and we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our clients and their business challenges to achieve the desired outcomes. From strategic advice and facilitation to program delivery, we are focused on achieving the most efficient outcomes for our clients in a safe and controlled environment.

We assist in developing and delivering effective strategies to meet complex challenges at all levels, whether the answer to the challenge is known and be supported with further investigation or expertise, or is unknown at the outset and requires an ongoing adaptive approach.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the business partner of choice for:

  • Closure planning and delivery for industrial sites; and
  • The provision of practical operational future-proofing advisory services for any stage of the business life-cycle.

We’ve been there and done it. Our clients realise the benefit of realistic closure cost estimates based on detailed plans. Our risk-based practical approach significantly reduces closure provisioning and enables seamless delivery.

We are experienced in forming and implementing future-proofing strategies for each stage of the business life-cycle – concept, startup, optimisation, crises and closure.

We are change management professionals in operational, commercial, governance, people, strategy and risk management.

We operate at all levels of your business – from the boardroom to the shop floor and each level in between.

We work closely with community, political, regulatory and key stakeholder groups to ensure their interests and expectations are coordinated in a strategic way to build trust and minimise project and reputational risk.

“We are a safe pair of hands: reliable, trustworthy and practical.”

“We are a safe pair of hands: reliable, trustworthy and practical.”

Who we work with

Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our clients. Our knowledge and experience delivers safe, efficient and valued outcomes for our clients.

We work with:

  • Coal and gas fired power stations
  • Open-cut mines and quarries
  • Major construction and demolition projects
  • Industrial manufacturing sites
  • Railway infrastructure and operations
  • Consultancy assignments (Engineering/environmental/management)
  • Regulatory and industry bodies (Local, State, Federal)
  • Utilities
  • Government

Our Network

We have developed working partnerships with specialist service providers and
leverage these relationships to provide our clients with an industry-leading
‘one-stop-shop’ advisory service. Our role at Eyre Advisory Services is to pull
all facets of complex delivery into one integrated program delivery structure.

We partner with:

    • Legal advisors
    • Environmental professionals
    • Commercial advisors
    • Certified engineers
    • Organisational development leaders
  • Construction and demolition organisations
  • Community and stakeholder engagement,
  • and communications advisory services
  • Media and public relations specialists
  • Accounting and taxation advisors
  • Solvency advisors