Prior to the closure announcement, the Flinders Power executive team – consisting of the now Eyre Advisory Services directors – delivered a raft of business improvements under the governance of successive ownership structures.

The following change and improvement initiatives were delivered within a 24 month period:


reduction in the recordable injury frequency rate


improvement in employee engagement


reduction in operational costs, through revised contracting initiatives, contract optimisation and implementation of cost optimisation measures identified during a strategic review process


productivity improvements at the mine achieved by targeted operations, maintenance and functional support efficiencies


improvement in power station reliability through a revised maintenance alliance approach and changes to operational protocols following a detailed risk based review

integration of a $60M capital mining fleet injection

optimised railway management strategies to ensure delivery at acceptable levels of risk through effective capital investment and operating budgets

Despite significant gains, the operation was increasingly challenged by the introduction of renewable energy to the electricity market with the increased volatility severely impacting both the quantum and consistency of revenue. In 2015 the Alinta Energy Board determined that closure of the Flinders Operations was the most fiscally responsible option. We embraced this challenge and delivered the most complex industrial closure, demolition and

rehabilitation program in Australian history. By working closely with government, the EPA, Safework SA, our communities, the media and a host of interested stakeholders, we delivered a four-year closure program on time, on budget and safely. Closure included the largest power station demolition to date in Australia, the rehabilitation of an 80-year operating mine and the facilitated lease handback in a fit state of the Leigh Creek township and 260km Railway.